The Beast inside the Beauty

Born and raised in a volcanic area of Tomohon (25km away from Manado & about 600m above sea level), I am used to see the sunrise emerges from Mount Mahawu (1311m) & set down over Mount Lokon (1580m). Yes, we are situated between both active volcanoes!

Mount Mahawu, this pic was taken from behind Rindam location (now it's a temporary Major Office of Tomohon)

Mount Lokon, a look from Sunge street in Kakaskasen III, you can see a small amount of smoke from its crater on the ramp. The rest are clouds in the sky:) Paddy fields here grow well all year round.

We experienced the biggest eruption of Mount Lokon on October 1991 where a Swiss vulcanologist named Viviane Clavel was reported missing and never been found. All who lived in Kinilow & in some other villages which are really closed to the volcano were evacuated to Rindam (in Kakaskasen III).

The activity of Mount Lokon has become more intense lately. It often erupts since July 2011 to December 2011. In this new year, we had its first eruption last night (January 6th, 2011) at about 10 or 11 p.m! But we were unable to see the eruption because it was raining (thank goodness – if not, the wind might blow the ash throughout the village and affect our health). It was a minor eruption so there was no evacuation.

Unlike another volcanoes, Lokon has its crater on the ramp not on the top / peak. It contains of volcanic ash and materials.

Mount Lokon, a look from above (I took this pic from the plane, on our way to Bali on July 2009)

On the other hand, Mahawu has its last eruption quite long long time ago, but it is reportedly still active until now. It contains of cold lava…

Below are some old pictures of Mount Lokon:

I took these photos when I worked at Lokon Boutique Resort. You can see the beautiful Marygold flowers and another flowers which I don’t know the name 🙂 I like the slight line of cloud on its foot / slope.

Lokon at Night. A view from 'Bukit Inspirasi (Inspirational Hill) Tomohon. It's quite cold up here..

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10 thoughts on “The Beast inside the Beauty

  1. Beautiful photos, Liv!
    Hope the beast inside Lokon stays asleep! 🙂

    • Thanks Ly! 🙂
      Hope so..but some vulcanologist say that Lokon is an unpredictable volcano and often make them confuse because it continues to blow out steam but sometimes it becomes so clear & gorgeous to see,…then suddenly it ‘coughs’ aloud..!
      hmmm…let’s sing a lullaby for Lokon that it may stay asleep and let us just enjoy its beauty.. 🙂

  2. Such wonderful photos. I love the 3rd, 4th and 5th one! 600m above sea level? That’s totally different from where I live. I live in the Netherlands and there many places are a few meter below sea level!

    • Hi! I’m glad you stopped by. Thanks!

      Photos # 3 & # 4 actually remind me of 32 opa & oma from the Netherland who came here for a 3-week-tour around Manado, Minahasa & Bitung in 2005, coz they stayed at that resort (Lokon Boutique Resort) 🙂 I was their tour guide.

      Hmmm…so curious about how it feels to live below sea levels..hope someday I could go there. 🙂

  3. Sometimes, I just wish I could escape from where I live. Just being surrounded in an urban/suburban area can sometimes be really somber. When I was younger I used to live in South Korea and just being surrounded by beautiful mountains and playing with friends when everything was so much more innocent almost seems like a dream today.

    Thank you for letting me remember with your wonderful pictures. Hopefully Lokon doesn’t erupt anytime soon eh?

    • No problem! We’ve been living alongside with it so far and hope its unpredictable eruption won’t be worse than ever before..

      Sounds like you had a great time in a lovely environment, huh? It must be great!
      Thank you, onwindydays!

  4. meiz

    stunning pix Olive! I love Tomohon!

  5. wow..I love your photos.. 🙂

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