The Ex Dutch Seaplane Base / Naval Base in Tasuka, Tondano

When I was a student at school then at university, I really didn’t have a great interest in studying historical subject. Sometimes, I learned it just because I had to pass the exam and forgot it right away when the exam was done. So, learning history at that time is just for the sake of a good grade on my progress report. 🙂

But recently, since I started writing on my blog here, seemingly I am raising a new passion in me to study about things happened in the past, especially the ones related to the history of my hometown and the surrounding areas in Minahasa, North Sulawesi. This time, I am trying to answer my curiosity about a historical place I ever visited in Tondano when I still worked for

Here I am talking about an ex Dutch seaplane base in Tasuka village which is located by Tondano Lake in Minahasa Regency. It’s quite difficult to get as many information as possible about this historical site. I just found a few information of it on the internet then combined it with my former interview with the local people there.

This former Dutch seaplane base, which is called the MLD (MarineLuchtvaartDienst) or Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service, was built in 1936. There is also a bunker and a munitions dump just across the road. Reportedly, there were no major air attacks there during that time. Maybe it’s because that base was more functioned as a stopover point for refueling, repairs and rest for the crews.

On December 26th, 1941, it was attacked by the Japanese. Actually, there were six flying boats based there but on that day, one of them was out on patrol. That unexpected raid destroyed the remaining five flying boats.

As I said earlier, there was also a bunker there. Not so long ago, the local people built their houses close to this bunker and used to hold their weekly devotion of evangelism there. But since the local government announced the issue of preserving this historical site, they were allegedly told to move from there so they built new houses not far from that site.

Below are some photos of this seaplane base, the bunker, and the munitions dump.

The Ex Dutch Seaplane Base in Tasuka, Tondano

Entrance to the bunker

Inside the bunker. It was so dark in here that we needed a flashlight. We went through a very small connecting door on the left as the man was facing to.

The munitions dump

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5 thoughts on “The Ex Dutch Seaplane Base / Naval Base in Tasuka, Tondano

  1. amelia tumiwuda

    Suddenly, I began to like history as well. 🙂
    I would like to travel around Minahasa just to find interesting places like this one.

  2. Too bad they seem to be neglected, like many historical sites in Indonesia.
    The locals have their devotion here, really? Where? In the bunker? That’s interesting.

    • You are right! Those photos were taken on July 2009. Hope I could go back there, who knows there is a better view of it 🙂

      Yup! That’s according to the man who guided us into that bunker.
      Hey, Ly, maybe we could go there together since it’s a Dutch heritage! 🙂

  3. Kevin

    Very interesting Olive. I am doing some reading on a US Catalina squadron that flew through here in 1942. I hope to visit soon. Kevin

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