Kora-Kora Beach

As I said earlier in my other post, I started to love history, especially those that are related with my country, Indonesia. Previously, when I visited a place like this I used to merely enjoy the beauty of the nature & took some narcissism photos like these.Β  πŸ™‚ Now I see it from a different angle that take me back to the colonialism era our country endured in the past. I’m not trying to explain it though πŸ™‚

Just a brief information about this place, it’s called Kora-Kora Beach and located in Kapataran Tondano. Spell it and it sounds like Japanese. But when I track back through history, this beach was named based on a Moluccas’ war ship that was shipwrecked on this shorelineΒ  when a fight against Dutch took place.

It’s nice to spend time here, moreover there are two sweet resorts called Olivia Resort (-not me-) & Supit Reunion Resort to stay in. The last one needs a direct approval from its owner (the family of dr. Bert A. Supit) who lives in Tomohon which is less than two hours trip by car from this place.

With my hubby at Kora-Kora Beach

dr. Supit, who owns this 3ha land above this beach, said that there are actually two Dutch bunkers in this location. But during my visits there (three times) I didn’t notice the other one. Maybe it was covered by weeds like any other historical sites in Minahasa 😦

Dutch bunker overlooking the offshore

I ever stayed in this resort back in 2005 when I took 32 old people from Holland (the youngest was 72 years old!!) in their three-week-tour around Manado-Minahasa-Bitung (all in North Sulawesi). It was an exciting experience!

At night, as we sat at the porch overlooking the offshore of North Sulawesi, we could see ships from Bitung passed through. They usually head for Luwuk – Banggai in Central Sulawesi.

But, unlike any other beach, it’s not safe to swim here because the coastline is just a few meters away then it comes to a really deep ocean (as I was informed).

Well, I hope to be able to go there again one day and explore more of it.

Our Handprints at Kora-Kora Beach πŸ˜‰

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2 thoughts on “Kora-Kora Beach

  1. actually there are some paragraphs that i dont really understand, because i dont really good in english… i need dictionary… hahaha but when i look to the photos that you post off , i understand how the feel of being there (especially from kak opex face.. haha JK) how is the hystoricals situation there… again.. nice and great posting

    • Thanks for commenting here, Perchy!

      I think you don’t need to understand each word. Just read and get the point. Keep reading more English articles and you’ll get used to the patterns while you improve your words bank, then you’ll find that English is quite fun to learn πŸ™‚

      Historical situation? Check it out yourself as we are going to hold our retreat there next month! πŸ™‚

      Thanks again πŸ˜€

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