Tomohon Traditional Market

I’m in a rush of getting my translation work done before its due date in two days but I can’t hold it to post about this one. In most of the sponsors’ letters to each of their sponsored-child, they wrote about the unusual weather, Christmas holiday, motivational words, and also about fruits! Some say that mango and papaya are so expensive in stores because the climate condition there doesn’t allow them to grow such tropical fruits; could be in any of your home-country.

Based on that, I come up with an idea to post  about the traditional market in my hometown, Tomohon, because we could also find various kinds of tropical fruits of all seasons there.

Rambutan or hairy fruit

Durian fruit (this one, ...smells good...) 🙂

Lansat fruit (...)

Some other fruits including mangos and papayas

Almost every time when I go to the market, I could always see some tourists there. No wonder since this place has become one of the tourist destination covered in their highland tour package. Some could enjoy the visit but some could not, especially those who are dog lovers… Below are some more photos of the market (some have been edited into black and white)

You can bid for a lower price here

Favorite section at the market: 'cabo' stands for 'cakar bongkar'; second-hand clothing with very low price and still can bid...kind of worth-it...but (shrug-off)

I bet you know this 🙂


As a Minahasan, I used to eat this lovable domestic animal but since I become a dog lover I QUIT it!! I don't even eat those in the previous two photos.

The market days are on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the most crowded day is on Saturdays. It starts from early in the morning till the afternoon. It also operates on every week day but less crowded and less items to find as well.

Located right beside the bus terminal, makes it easier to stop over at this market then continue to another places of interest with public transport fare of less than 1$ within some surrounding areas like Tondano and Manado.

Bus terminal next to the market

Enjoy the tour.. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Tomohon Traditional Market

  1. amelia tumiwuda

    Nice durian and hairy fruit 🙂 and Python
    dear sista..I’m a fan of flower. And I’ve been wondering about where the flowers sold in Tomohon come from, I mean excluded the imported ones usually found at Christmas. I would like to see the flower farm, because I haven’t seen it though I sometimes pass by this city.I also wanted to know how the farmers run their flower farm. I enjoy reading your post 🙂

    • Great to know that, Mel! Thanks for the idea; I’ll surely cover that upon your request! 🙂
      Thanks for reading, sist’ 🙂

  2. The market is so full of interesting things and people. There are many sources of food which are very foreign to me but are still fascinating. The animals that you ask for a guess, I thought were guinea pig, but they look to have wings. But, too many teeth for bird. What? And dog is still in the diet in China. With the abundance of food, we don’t eat horse or cat either. Great shots.

    • Thanks, Victor! I really appreciate your comment!
      About the guess, how if I give you another clue: “I ‘bat’ you know this” 😀
      And oh, talking about cat, it’s a cure for Asthma (according to many Chinese people here), sorry to say that I am used to eat it…. hope it doesn’t stir up your stomach…….

  3. Some of these photos are difficult for me to see. Reality is reality. Thank you for sharing your world, it’s educational.

    • I seconded you, Martina. Dogs are pets, not food 😦 You don’t even want to know about how they’re killed. Horrific. But even in places that only eat chicken, beef, and pork, the way they raise the animal isn’t always ethical as well. Oh this always makes me want to be a vegetarian.

      On the other hand Oliv, thanks for posting and covering about this, good job! 🙂

    • I know…that’s why for a less extreme view (if I could say), I made ‘them’ B & W 🙂
      It’s my pleasure, Martina 🙂 Thanks for reading & commenting 🙂

  4. Amazing photography… and that one with the animal mouths wide open… is stuff nightmares are made of. wow!

    • Hi,ElizOF, glad to have you liking and commenting here 🙂 Welcome to my world 🙂
      Thanks for your sweet compliment!

  5. There are many interesting food I like and I’m unfamiliar such food.

  6. the bat photo is a bit freaky… looks like a human figure when i first look..

  7. The fruits are so colorful…I really liked to see them. I nearly screamed at the boa!

  8. Good photos and a fine story to go with it.

  9. I just read last night that it takes 4 things to make a great photo – stopping power, purpose and meaning, emotional impact and graphic quality. For me, the photos of the bats, the python and the dogs delivers in all 4. Fascinating!

  10. Wow what interesting food! I think the only things I’ve tried in your pictures are the mangos and papayas.

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